Praveen Pathak, in full Praveen Kumar Pathak   (born 1 July, 1992, Agra,India.), Youth Entrepreneur businessman and Scientific Consultant, who founded a consultancy firm and serving a part time important  role for his company in Bharatpur,Rajasthan(2010–presently).

His father, a Civil Contractor, was a middle class person  and his mother was a housewife.He is being grown by Grandfather and Grandmother name Gaurishankar Pathak and Shakuntala Pathak. After studying Biotechnology at Rajasthan University (B.Sc.2010), he attended Amity University (M.Sc. 2013) and MBA from Manipal University(2013-15) took an entry-level position with Koutons Retail Ltd Group. Within 0.6 years he had achieved the level of Sales Manager in Company and was leading the Indian market retail operations. After completing M.Sc. He has entered a global MNC Serco Global as Business Development Officer and achieved highest remarks on performance by seniors of American Express.After Serco He served as Manager in Farelabs Pvt Ltd. After 4 years of Total Brilliant extraordinary Marketing experience.Now he is currently serving the national and many international companies for their planning logistics and training quality and testing services.He helps in all kind of scientific activity.He welcomes all the personals from each small sized and big sized company to gain and get special ides to earn money funding.he needed to create Innovative Market Systems, a financial-solution service firm, in 2014.

You can contact with him regarding any innovative ideas and hope he will try to convert it on floor.He provide all kind of EHS solutions. Food Consultancy like licensing,labeling,organizing,interpreting food market analysis.


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